Trusty Adult Regular Tape Diaper (M, L, XL)

Trusty Adult Regular Tape Diaper (40 Pieces in 1 Polybag)

Incontinence / Loss of bowel control is a common issue amongst young and old. Increasing, more people have a need for adult diapers.

  • Why is Our Diaper Unique?

    • We have a unique combination of Pulp + SAP for High absorption rate.
    • Soft material for extra comfort
    • Low Cost
    • High Quality
    • Rapid Absorbency
    • Patented Groove Diversion Layer (Improves Absorption and reduces frequency of changing)
    • Our Raw Materials are sourced from Environmentally Friendly  & Sustainable Sources
    • All natural materials, no chemical
    • Causes no irritation to skin
    • Comfortable


    Our Products Are Safe & Natural

    1. Chlorine & Dixon-Free
    2. Lotion Free
    3. Latex Free
    4. Phthalates Free
    5. Fragrance Free
    6. No lead or heavy metals used in production of raw materials


    Low Cost:

    • Each polybag contains 40 Pieces!

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Free Delivery for 2 Poly Bags & Above

M (32 – 44 Inch) (80 – 112 CM) 

L (40 – 56 Inch) (102-142 CM) 

XL (52 – 68 Inch) (132 – 173 CM) 

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Adult diapers is something that someone needs to change frequently, therefore it is important to find one that is affordable. And of course, quality is important too. So glad to have found Trusty Care's products. Great quality at low prices. Just what i was looking for!

Wonderful product! Made of high quality materials with quick absorption. More importantly, the cost savings have a huge impact on me. Will recommend!

Mrs Lim

One thing I have learnt, is that using multiple products over months and years can really cost a lot! Therefore, I am very thankful to have discovered Trusty Diapers. Excellent quality, and it costs a lot cheaper!

Mdm Tan

Good quality, and helped me to saved a lot of money over time

Mr Ling

Our Products Are Safe & Natural

Chlorine & Dixon-Free





No lead or heavy metals used in production of raw materials

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