Trusty Pull Up Adult Pants Diapers (M) Free 2 Pieces


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(M) Size (70cm – 110cm)



Trusty Pull Up Adult Pants Diapers (M) Free 2 Pieces

Incontinence / Loss of bowel control is a common issue amongst young and old.

Trusty Pull Up Adult Diapers pants, is easy to wear. Simply pull-up just like a normal pants or underwear.

Why is Our Diaper Unique?

  • We have a unique combination of Pulp + SAP for optimal absorption.
  • Enjoy a quality product, at a lower cost
  • Soft material for extra comfort
  • Low Cost
  • High Quality
  • Rapid Absorbency
  • Patented Groove Diversion Layer (Improves Absorption and reduces frequency of changing)
  • All natural materials, no chemical

Our Products Are Safe & Natural

  1. Chlorine & Dioxon-Free
  2. Lotion Free
  3. Latex Free
  4. Phthalates Free
  5. Fragrance Free
  6. No lead or heavy metals used in production of raw materials
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