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Why TrustyCare’s Products? What is the difference?

What are Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) ?

– Aqua Keep is the SAP developed by Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd
– Trusty’s Diapers and Pants use SA60s (Aqua Keep) for their excellent properties
For more details please refer to www.sumitomoseika.co.jp


AQUA KEEP can absorb water several hundred times more than its dry weight.It will retain most of the absorbed liquid, even under considerable pressure.
AQUA KEEP has a narrow and controlled particle size distribution.
AQUA KEEP demonstrates excellent flowability and good scatter uniformity in most feeding systems.
AQUA KEEP is almost insoluble in water or other solvents.

Fluff Pulp:

Fluff Pulp is next important material for absorption of liquid.

In a diaper, both Fluff Pulp and SAP will be used together to maximise absorption.
Trusty diapers use Weyerhaeuser’s Fluff Pulp.
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